Atlantica Online

Empires of Gold

Coming April 17th


The Celestial Hunter

Raised by hunters and born with an uncanny affinity for the bow and arrow, this mighty Mayan is a protector of the jungle and all its creatures. She is the first in Atlantica Online's new Hero Class, and is the perfect character for advanced players seeking a new challenge. Choose the Celestial Hunter and become the Heart of the Jaguar.

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The Astounding Astronomer

Born with the uncanny ability to see the future written in the stars, Quilla is the most renowned astrologer in all of the Incan Empire. Add her to your team as a new mercenary by exploring the mysterious Golden City of El Dorado. Help Quilla fulfill her prophetic vision and uncover the mysteries of the Inca.

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Cities of Gold

Venture deep within the heart of Mesoamerica and uncover the secrets behind these hidden dungeons. Explore the Incan capital of Machu Picchu, chart a course to the Mayan city Chichen Itza, or discover the fabled Golden City of El Dorado. Join the Celestial Hunter as she goes on an adventure of discover, and help her defeat the evil Riederan in a brand new raid dungeon.

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