[Extended!] Season's Greetings from Santa's Villa! 12/13/2012

  • Ended
  • Dec. 13 2012


The snow is starting to fall, and that special feeling that fills the heart of every Atlantian is finally here! Santa Villa has finally opened up for everyone to enjoy, and by everyone... we mean everyone! This year the monsters in Santa's Villa will Auto-Level to match your level, letting you access every floor during the event! So many details, let's get started!

Meet The Acongs!

Entrance Guide Acong

Want to get into Santa's Villa? You'll need to meet up with Entrance Guide Acong first! After being logged in for 1 hour, you'll get some Mistletoe! This Acong just so happens to be looking for some mistletoe, in exchange, he'll reward you with a Santa Villa Ticket!

Holiday Acong

This is the Acong you come to when you need something. After spending all that time in Santa's Villa you'll run into things you don't need, but he wants! Trade-in your crafted Christmas Trees, and Completed Atlantica Words for all kinds of fun prizes! These include feasts, book boxes, experience books, My Home decoration, and even the return of two Mercenaries: Rin the Puppeteer and The Warlord, Khun Phaen!

The Reason for the Season!

Santa Villa Event

December 13th, 2012 - January 10th, 2013

This year, Santa Villa is a little different! All monsters will auto-level to match your main characters, and the further you go in the dungeon - the more of a challenge it becomes! Anyone level 20 and above will be able to enjoy all floors of Santa's Villa!

Hourly Giveaways!

Stay logged in and get rewarded this Christmas! These items can be found in your in-game mailbox!

Hour 1 Mistletoe x1
Hour 2 Christmas Tree x2
Hour 3 Completed Word Atlantica x1
Hour 4 Christmas Equipment Box x1
*Christmas Equipment Box gives a random chance to obtain one of the following items:
- Freezing Equipment Box
- Divine Equipment Box
- Evil Phoenix Equipment Box
- Dragon God's Equipment Box
- Evil Equipment Box
- Supreme Evil Equipment Box
- Pegasus Equipment Box
- Evil Pegasus Equipment Box

Holiday Acong Gift Guide!

Take a peek at the awesome presents you can get from exchanging items to Holiday Acong! Not all of them are listed here, so get in game and pay him a visit!

  • Santa Oufit Box
  • Christmas Event Box
  • Holiday MyHome Decorations
  • Extra Santa Villa Tickets
  • Equipment Boxes
  • Experience Books
  • Rank A and B Mercenary Book Boxes
  • Puppeteer Rin
  • Warlord Khun Phaen

Complete the Santa Set and Splendid Santa Set Boosts!

The Santa Outfit Box which you can get from Holiday Acong in exchange for Christmas Trees contains the final pieces to complete the Santa Set and Splended Santa Set boosts! Open the box and you are guaranteed to get one of four possible items! Acended Santa Hat, Acended Santa Outfit, Splendid Santa Hat, or Splendid Santa Outfit! Remember this is the first set to include a 4 item boost! You can get the rest of the set buy purchasing Santa's Splendor!

Santa Set Stats:
  • 2 Normal items: +10 Strength, +10 Dexterity
  • 3 Normal items: +10 Strength, +10 Dexterity, +25 Magic Defense
  • Complete Set 4 Items): +15 Strength, +15 Dexterity, +30 Magic Defense, + 100 Attack Power
  • This set requires: Ascended Santa Hat, Ascended Santa Outfit, Santa's Bag, and Santa's Sleigh.

Splendid Santa Set Stats:
  • 2 Rare items: +15 Strength, +15 Dexterity
  • 3 Rare items: +15 Strength, +15 Dexterity, +50 Magic Defense
  • Complete Set (4 Items): +25 Strength, +25 Dexterity, +60 Magic Defense, +200 Attack Power
  • This set requires: Splendid Santa Hat, Splendid Santa Outfit, Santa's Fancy Bag, and Santa's Fancy Sleigh.

Christmas Tree Mini-Event!

Upon your first log-in you will receive a Christmas Tree Box! Inside of this box, is a special [Event] Christmas Tree, which will grant you 1 present a day (up to 5 times a day) in exchange for 1 Atlas Ore! Considering how this tree works, we're pretty sure it was a gift from Rabbio!

The Christmas Tree will give you one of the following items:
- Party Decoration Box
- [Common] Christmas Feast
- [Event] Snowflake
- Snow Sprinkling Rudolph Box
- Christmas Book Box
- Pegasus Equipment Box
- Christmas Snowman Box
- Rank A Mercenary Magic Book Gift Box

The Story of Santa's Villa

Tucked away quietly in Northern Europe, a short distance away from Helsinki, Atlantians can find Santa Villa! This festive looking home with a candy cane pathway is nestled softly between the mountains and snow. This cozy looking villa is inhabited by reindeer, toy soldiers, cuddly polar bears, and even acongs! It's no wonder why anyone would just want to let themselves in to enjoy some hot cocoa. However, right outside of Santa's Villa is Entrance Guide Acong, who warns that the creatures inside are angry, and will attack anyone who dares to enter!

According to him, the reindeer, toy soldiers, and acongs are all upset that they didn't get what they wanted for Christmas, but Entrance Guide Acong warned them, "If you are impatient about your gifts, you will get empty boxes!" but they did not want to listen. They begged, and begged, and begged until Entrance Guide Acong could not take it anymore. He gifted some of the creatures empty boxes which enraged them, however Haunted Old Oak had an even more sinister idea. The creatures of Santa's Villa who did get their presents were tricked into thinking they got Broken Gift Boxes for their patience, when in reality, Haunted Old Oak wanted all the presents for himself! Help Entrance Guide Acong restore peace inside of Santa's Villa and save Christmas!
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