Get Your Hands on the Enormous Inheritance Box!

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  • Oct. 11 2012

From now until October 25, 2012, get your hands on the Enormous Inheritance Box! You may open it up to find the coveted Immortal Bow up to +10! Every purchase also contains 1 [Event] Promo Point.

Enormous Inheritance Box

Price: NX 9,990
Contents: A chance to receive the Immortal bow, enhanced up to +10! Also contains 1 [Event] Promo Point.

Immortal Bow +10 Stats:
- Minimun Level: 100
- Attack Power: 5,400 - 11,000
- Dexterity: +920
- Magic: [Vital Strike Lv. 11]
- Special Ability: Deals +50% damage on the first blow.

Collect 5 [Event] Promo Points and exchange them with the NPC Guide Acong to get 1 more Enormous Inheritance Box for free!

The Enormous Inheritance Box will be available until October 25th, 2012 at 3:00 P.M. Pick yours up today!

The Atlantica Team

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