At the Gates - Fight against Fate 2/22/12

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  • Feb. 15 2012
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Nation Dungeon: Yggdrasil's Three Gateways
Yggdrasil's Three Gateways

Hidden deep within The World Tree's Trunk is Yggdrasil's Three Gateways, a new Nation Dungeon that Atlantians of all levels can participate in. Fight your way through dozens of enemies to the final battle against the goddess of fate, Verdandi.

  • Test Your Might

    Dungeon monster levels will auto adjust to your level, however boss monsters will remain strong so you must coordinate with your most powerful Nation members to conquer the three gateways. The faster you clear the dungeon the more rewards you'll get!

  • Gain Divine Strength
    Collect the Statues of Urd, Skuld and Verdandi by defeating the various bosses of The Three Gateways. By placing these statues in your MyHome, you'll have a chance to randomly call upon one of these goddesses unique skills to aid you in battle.

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Excavation Expedition

Excavation Expedition is a large scale battle between guilds for control of the mines that bear the most precious ore in the world of Atlantica, Oriharukon! You'll need to form an expedition to send into the mines to collect Oriharukon and to protect the precious resource if an enemy expedition arrives. Fight hard, maintain control of your mine, and all the Oriharukon you can get your hands on is yours!

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Momentum EXP System
Iron Doll

Who doesn't want a little extra EXP to help their mercenaries level up faster?! The new Momentum EXP system will save a portion of your EXP earned in battle and allow you to distribute it to one specific mercenary or allow you to spread it out however you see fit.

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PvP Updates

  • Summon a Deadly Machine

    The Summon Machine Skill has been updated to gain 72 AP every turn and its attack cycles are now more predictable than random. This allows you to expertly plan your attack. It's even better if you're a Gun Main, Enhanced Attack Mechanics in your talent tree will fortify your inventions.

  • Competion Adjustments
    While it’s fun to explore the world of Atlantica and battle its many monsters, it takes fighting against other human beings to get a true competitor’s blood boiling. You'll see updates to Nike's Spellbook, changes to Weapon Rend Combo, and more!

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Valkyrie Joins the Battle

  • Recruit the Valkyrie

    With the introduction of a new Nation Dungeon, comes the introduction of the Valkyrie quest line! Find Gilded Mimir near the entrance of the Three Gateways dungeon and complete his quests. Those who are worthy enough will be rewarded with a Valkyrie!

  • Valkyrie Skill Updates
    Valkyrie now comes equipped with a brand new skill, Valhalla's Sword, which gives her the chance to stun targets by simply using a basic attack. Also, the amount of Action Power given to other mercenaries through Quickening will be increased, and has been enhanced to be easily used every turn.

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