Mend a Broken Heart Valentine's Event!

  • Ended
  • Feb. 07 2013


Many have come to Guide Acong with their tale of broken hearts, he's become so overwhelmed that now he's asking Atlantian's for help! All around the world, Heart Shards from broken hearts can be found on Bonus Monsters! Collect 10 of Heart Shards to create a Pure Heart. For every Pure Heart you create for Guide Acong, he will reward you with some lovely prizes!

Valentine's Day Event

February 7th - February 21st

Heart Shards are sent to your mailboxes based on login time (must be level 20+ to receive event mail), alternatively, Atlantians can also acquire Heart Shards by hunting bonus monsters! To craft Pure Hearts, which is the item needed to trade into guide acong, you'll need 10 Heart Shards. You can craft this item by opening your skill window, selecting Quest, and locating Pure Heart in the item list.

Hourly Giveaway

1 Hour 1 Heart Shard
2 Hours 2 Heart Shards
3 Hours 2 Heart Shards
4 Hours 3 Heart Shards

Exchange Items

Chocolate Muffin 1 Pure Heart
Delicious Chocolate Cake 3 Pure Heart
Chocolate Cake 3 Pure Heart
Hot Chocolate and Cookies 3 Pure Heart
Sweet Chocolate Piece 7 Pure Heart
[Common] Valentine's Delicacy 7 Pure Heart
[Common] Hot Chocolate Feast 14 Pure Heart
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