Atlantica Bingo Event!

  • Ended
  • Sep. 28 2012


Do you know what B-I-N-G-O spells? It spells a ton of prizes for you to collect starting today! From now until next *Thursday, October 17, 2012 win amazing prizes for completing your bingo boards!

*Due to recent connection issues, this event has been extended for an additional week!

Bingo Coupons can be obtained by completing a bingo board. Trade them into the guide acong located in Rome for these prizes:

  • Bingo Coupon Chance Box
  • Small Gold Coin Box
  • Scorpion Relic
  • Frozen Crystalline Chest
  • Apollo’s Attire
  • Ancient Book of Knowledge
  • Ancient Skill Book
  • Growth Vial [V]
  • Secret Vial of Potential [I]
  • Water of Life

How do you complete a bingo board? It’s simple, go to your bingo board in the My Info menu or use the shortcut (alt+b).

Each square represents a specific challenge for you to undertake.  Complete the challenge and that square will be marked with a circle. Finish four circles diagonally, horizontally or vertically and win the corresponding prize in that direction.

In addition to these great prizes, those pesky bonus monsters are dropping Rabbio 2.0 boxes! You can open these boxes by obtaining a Rabbio’s Key from Rabbio. Happy Hunting!

You may also notice Guide Acong offering a brand new Enormous Inheritance Box. This rare box contains a never before seen weapon, as well as Atlas Ore and other treasures! By purchasing an upcoming promotional item, you will receive a [Event] Promo Point which will allow you to get your hands on this extremely valuable random box.

The Atlantica Team

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