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  • Apr. 04 2014

The Celestial Hunter: Heart of the Jaguar

By the time she was ten years old, the Celestial Hunter was already a master archer. Not even the village's veteran hunters could best her, and it wasn't long before the young girl was leading hunting parties herself. Though most of the men grumbled about having a small girl at the head, the village elder recognized the Celestial Hunter's skill and the integral role she had begun to play within their small society.

As the Hunter grew up the men began to respect her and she became an important fixture in the village's leadership. One day, the elder chief sent her on a quest to further master her skills with some of the region's most respected archers. But when The Celestial Hunter returned, she found her home burned to the ground and her fellow villagers missing. Are they alive? What horrible fate has befallen them? Armed with only her bow and her wits, the Celestial Hunter has set out to save her people and bring justice to those who would do them harm.

A Class of Heroes

The Celestial Hunter is the first in a new line of characters being added to Atlantica Online. Called Heroes, these mighty new warriors start at level 30 and are recommended for advanced players.

A Mayan Warrior

The Celestial Hunter's main attack in a barrage of arrows that attacks a main target, then follows up with additional attacks on up to two other targets.
The Celestial Hunter has four skills, two passive, and two active:
  • Parting Shot: Grants a chance to fire an extra shot. Passive Magic.
  • Agile Counter: Counter an enemy's physical attack with an arrow of your own. Passive Magic.
  • Piercing Arrow: Launches an arrow that drives through a column of enemies to deal massive damage.
  • Hunter's Mark: Lowers the defense of a single target.

"Who is next? My bow is ready, so let the hunt begin!"

Quilla: Legend of the Inca

Through the Eyes of the Gods

Throughout the Four United Provinces of the Inca Empire, Quilla was known as the most skilled and prophetic astrologer. Quilla could predict when the rainfalls would be at their most abundant, giving the empire bountiful harvests. Using the stars and moon as her guide, Quilla could look into the past, or gaze into the future to witness the rise and fall of even the mightiest kings.

Now Quilla's dreams have become dark and fretful. Visions come to her without warning, visions of a great evil spreading throughout the South and Central American regions. In these visions she sees a hunter with skills beyond measure, a Mayan warrior woman in the jungles to the north. Though she does not know why, something tells Quilla the very fate of the Inca rest on her meeting this mysterious huntress.

The Astrologer of El Dorado

Quilla is a new mercenary, available for recruitment to players level 155 and above. She is an astrologer and carries a staff as her main weapon. She can be acquired by clearing the Golden Empire raid dungeon, located in the South American field known as the Golden City of El Dorado.

Celestial Magic

Quilla has three powerful magic abilities, each with their own strengths and strategies.
  • Star Spite: The stars avenge you by damaging enemies who attack you. Passive magic.
  • Stellar Hunt: Unleashes massive damage on a column of enemies.
  • Celestial Venom: Damages enemies over time. If the magic is dispelled by Holy Guard, Ocean's Blessing, or Empress' Blessing, a secondary effect will be triggered.

"The stars light our path."

South America: The Mysteries of Mesoamerica

Once upon a time, the great empires of the Maya and Inca ruled all of Mesoamerica, and yet even today, much of their history is shrouded in mystery. With the arrival of the Celestial Hunter, the gates to several of the region's most fabulous landmarks have opened. Venture into the Jungle and explore Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu, and El Dorado. Will you find gold and treasure within their hallowed halls? Or will you uncover nothing but disaster and despair? Enter... if you dare.

The Forgotten City of Chichen Itza

The Jewel of the Mayan Empire, this ancient city has come under attack from mysterious forces. The high priest Cualli has requested the assistance of the Celestial Hunter, a local warrior from a nearby village. Upon her arrival, the hunter finds the Chichen Itza guards already engaged in mortal combat with the enemy. It's up to her to save the city from certain doom. This dungeon is available at Lv. 30 and is intended for the new Celestial Hunter character. Other characters can enter Chichen Itza and the other new dungeons, but cannot access boss rooms. This dungeon can be accessed via the South American Maya field.

Machu Picchu, the City of the Sun

Tupac Amaru II is one of the Incas' most celebrated and respected leaders. He has maintained a glorious and prosperous empire for years, but now he has fallen mysteriously ill. The high priestess of Machu Picchu, the city's capital, suspects the Spanish conquistadors, and enlists the help of the Celestial Hunter. This dungeon is available at Lv. 38, but is recommended for Lv. 40. Head to the South America Inca Field to access this dungeon. Find a cure to save Tupac Amaru before it's too late...

The Golden City of El Dorado

Legend has it that deep within the highlands of Guyana, on the shore of Lake Parime, lies a city constructed entirely from gold. Though conquistadors have hunter for it for decades, their searches have thus far turned up empty. However, the Amazonian Queen Hippolyte has discovered evidence that she believes points to the location of the Golden City. She has sent word to the Celestial Hunter, in hopes that her tracking skills will assist in the expedition. El Dorado is available at Lv. 48, but is recommended for Lv. 50. Head to the South America Amazon Field and follow the trail of gold...

Raid Dungeon: Golden Empire Defense

The evil Riederan and his dastardly minions have descended upon the Incan Empire, determined to sap it of all of its wealth. Rumors abound of a secret magical weapon the Incas hold dear, a weapon Riederan will stop at nothing to acquire. The new raid dungeon can be accessed at Lv. 155, and is available for all characters. Enter through the Golden Empire Defense Entrance in the Amazon field. If you complete the raid, you'll receive 5 Hero's Insignias, which can be traded to Insignia Keeper Ane, for items. You'll also have the opportunity to recruit Quilla, the new Astrologer Mercenary. Mesoamerica is a land full of wonder... and danger. Venture south of the border and discover its mysteries for yourself.
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