A Brand New Beginning - Class Change Coupon!

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  • Apr. 18 2013


In need of a new main class? Perhaps you're in the mood to try out an Atlantian main class? There is no need to create a new character with the new Class Change Coupon! This new item gives you the power of a Secret Vial of Amnesia, and a Secret Vial of Rebirth, all in one package!

Class Change Coupon

Price: 9,900 NX
Function: Become and Atlantian, change your gender, choose a new main class, and even change your appearance with this card! You'll also have the option to change into a Descendant of Atlantis, or Maniac Main Class!

Class Change Coupons and You!

Class Change Coupons can only be used by characters level 60 and above. This item allows you to change your background (Atlantian or Descendant of Atlantis), your gender (remember, Atlantians main classes are gender locked), your class (including Maniac), and your appearance. Use this coupon like you would a Secret Vial of Amnesia or Secret Vial of Rebirth by simply right clicking on the coupon, and following the steps! Remember to remove all of the items on your main character, or you will not be able to use this card.
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