Dazzling Magician's Wardrobe Appears!

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  • Oct. 04 2012

Welcome Atlantians,

Come one, come all! Step right up to the greatest show in the world! In a devilish debut of debonair display, dare to don these decadent and dazzling new duds!

Open up the Magician's Magical Mystery Box, available now in the Item Mall!

Magician's Magical Mystery Box

Price: NX 2,000 Purchase 5 to get +1 for free!
Contents: A chance to receive the Magician's Wardrobe Bag, which contains your choice of Magician's Chapeau or Magician's Mantle.

Magician's Chapeau Stats:
  • Only usable by main character.
  • Vitality: +50
  • Intelligence: +100
  • Defense: 500
  • Critical: 20

Magician's Mantle Stats:
  • Only usable by main character.
  • Strength: +25
  • Intelligence: +100
  • Vitality: +100
  • Defense: 1000

For a limited time only, when you buy the Magician's Magical Mystery Box, you will also receive Atlantis Gold Coins!
Each of these coins can be sold to certain NPC's for millions of gold! Get your hands on 20 when you buy 1 box, or 100 when you buy 5! Claim them while you can, Atlantis Gold Coins will no longer be included after next Thursday, October 11, 2012!

Dress up in your own Magician's Wardrobe now!

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The Atlantica Team

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