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  • Oct. 19 2011

There’s no more important resource in Atlantica Online than your mercenaries. These men and women are your soldiers, your healers, your companions and your friends. The Merc Report is designed to provide a basic strategic overview of an individual mercenary, give you details on where and how to recruit them and present a sampling of opinions from the Atlantica Community on how the mercenary affects their game. Perhaps it will give you new ideas to try in various areas of the game or just generate intriguing discussions about particular strategies.

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Khun Phaen - The Warlord

Meet Khun Phaen

The character of Khun Phaen is based on an ancient poem from Thailand called “Khun Chang Khun Phaen.” In the poem, two men compete for the love of a beautiful woman named Wanthong over the course of fifty years. One suitor, Khun Chang, is handsome but poor while the other, Khun Phaen, is ugly but very rich. Their battle encompasses several wars, abductions, court cases, jail terms, magic, torture and even possible treason against the king. The story ends tragically when a judge orders Wanthong to be executed for her indecision. The poem is universally known in Thailand and is the source of many popular sayings and metaphors in that country.


Khun Phaen combines magic and melee prowess to become the perfect second-in-command of any formation. The sword he carries in one hand boosts the effect of his spells, while the orb in his other hand defends him against enemy skills. Khun Phaen is a class B mercenary and can be recruited by any player during Atlantica’s 3rd anniversary event. 

Khun Phaen – The Basics

Name: Warlord/Great Warlord/Mystic Warlord/Khun Phaen

Basic Attack
: Melee – Single

Melee Attack Range
: 1 square

Magic Attack Range: 2 squares

View Range: 12 squares

Move Range
: 5 squares

Pro Tips:

True to his description, Khun Phaen makes a very valuable second-in-command. While he doesn’t have the universal utility of an Odysseus, when used properly, Khun Phaen’s abilities provide valuable support services. Despite being classed as a combination melee/magic character, Khun Phaen simply isn’t tough enough to stand on the front line with the other meat shields. Instead, keep him toward the rear echelon and use his magic abilities. His Rally skill, for example, will passively boost the attack power and mana pool of his commander while his Demoralize ability seals and weakens enemy bosses and main characters. That being said, don’t dismiss Khun Phaen’s Thunderbolt Slash. It can do some nice damage when necessary, especially when bolstered by another mercenary’s ability.  

               • Khun Phaen has the highest magical defense of all melee mercenaries.
               • While Khun Phaen’s defense is lower than most other sword mercenaries, he can equip an Orb to alleviate this weakness. This also provides an even larger magic defense boost that will help him resist even the strongest magic better than other melee classes.

               • Khun Phaen makes a great partner for a Musician main character. Use the Musician’s Melody of Madness to force a boss to use only physical skills. Add in an Elementalist or an Exorcist and it becomes possible to completely prevent melee or staff bosses from casting any magic for the entire battle by setting up a rotation between Demoralize, Melody of Madness, and either Mana Seal or Freezing Atmosphere.

“Khun Phaen seems great with his shining orb. First of all he is "sword-merc" - it's great with passive abilities of Odysseus and Pirate. He has amazing skills: Rally - My main is at first row and I love every passive def.buff. Thunderbolt slash - with Odysseus' Weapon Rend grants amazing power and damage to entire enemy row. Demoralize - is superamazing skill against bosses, that can stop them casting their deadly magic, I think it's great against enemy mains in pvp. So, he can wear orbs and it's grant him great magic defense, it's very useful. Also, he's almost free to summon and upgrade, and you can easy get all books for free. I think, Warlord Khun Phaen - one of the greatest mercs in AO.” – Konstantine S.   

“I like the warlord because he is part of a nice combo i have in my formation with pirates marauders edge , combined with champions weapon rend with sword mains chaos edge his thunderbolt slash renders second or first line heavy damage sometimes with that combo second line gets wiped out completly.” – Joe L. 

“He's a good mid row tank, not the best for front lining. He has some really handy skills, especially rally. His Thunderbolt teamed with chaos edge is pretty powerful as well. As far as the design goes, the floating orb was an excellent idea.” – Timothy B.

Khun Phaen – Skills

The consensus amongst Atlantica players is that despite his melee skills, Khun Phaen is more of a support character than a true fighter. As such, he should be kept behind the main line and used for his magic rather than his fighting abilities.

Thunderbolt Slash:
After years of intensive training, the warlord has captured the element of thunder. Use this skill to send a powerful bolt of electricity from Khun Phaen’s sword to slash across an opponent’s entire row. Have Odysseus cast Weapon Rend to greatly increase the damage output of Khun Phaen’s Thunderbolt Slash. 

Rally will boost your main character’s attack power, defense, and critical rate. This is very useful for ranged characters looking to snipe down an opponent. In addition, a portion of the character’s mana pool is restored every round. This makes Khun Phaen a perfect addition to any formation where the main character consumes a large amount of magic points. Khun Phaen’s Rally can severely decrease the recharge time for magic abilities, as well as provide an additional boost to mercenaries whose passive skills boost their attack skills, such as Hwarang’s Aura and Marauder’s Edge.

Note: In TBS battles, this skill only functions if the main character is within a 5x5 square range of Khun Phaen.. 

This skill demoralizes the enemy leader to reduce their attack power, defense and chance of critical hits. This skill also drains a portion of the opponent’s mana pool and temporarily prevents them from using magic.


“I think personally, Khun paen very helpful in the formation sword, especially if there is a champion, play swor, Khun paen in my opinion it is unbelievably brilliant formations for the type of sword!” – Awin S.
“The fact that when combined with weapon rend and chaos edge; thunderbolt slash decimates entire enemy row.” – Eric L.  

“He strikes fear into peoples eyes when they see him in your formation! “ – Jordan N.  

“Khun Phaen @lvl 104 is immense love how he can take a blow from a lvl 130+ boss's magic and it dont move his lifeXD his Demoralize skill is the best, also have to love the roundhouse kick he does! ” – Neal B.  

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