Celebrate Independence Day

  • Ended
  • Jul. 03 2013


Independence Day is a time for celebration, a time for fireworks, and a time for tons of events in Atlantica! Enjoy the Freedom Park Event Dungeon, exchange Freedom Flyers for awesome items, take on unique Daily Quests, get buff, fire up your own BBQ, and save big on cubes from July 4th to August 8th!

Liberty Cube Sale

Liberty Cube Liberty Cube 4+1
  • Price: 2,500 NX
  • Contents: This box offers the chance to obtain a Assault Tank or Rocket Launcher II
  • Price: 10,000 NX 12,500 NX
  • Contents: This deal offers 5 chances to obtain a Assault Tank or Rocket Launcher II with an extra free Liberty Cube.


Quick Cube Guide

A Lucky Cube is a box-type item with rare items sealed inside. The name of the cube will change based upon the kind of items stored within.

  1. Right-click the Independence Cube.
  2. Place a mount in the unseal slot.
    • Note:  Only following are approved items for this cube:
      • Tank (No Trade)
      • Prototype Rocket Launcher (No Trade)
    • Once your mount is placed, a list of possible items will appear.
    • Clicking the [Start] button will consume the cube, and triggering one of the following outcomes:
      • Successful unseal: The mount or decoration used to unseal the cube will transform into a rare mount or decoration.
      • Unsuccessful unseal: You will still obtain a random item from the cube, and your mount will be returned to you unchanged.
      • Note: The [Auto] button will automatically select an eligible mount from your inventory.

Notice: We highly reccommend not trading mounts among other players. Please be advised that we are unable to intervene any player-to-player actions, even if they go wrong.

Freedom Park

Monsters have swarmed Freedom Park and they’re stomping all over your freedom! It’s time to bring down the hammer of justice and show your enemies what it means to be independent in this level 80+ Event Dungeon. As you fight, you’ll gain Freedom Flyers, which can be traded for some awesome items.

Note: To enter Freedom Park, you must have a Freedom Park Ticket. During the event period, if you accumulate an hour of log in time daily, 1 Freedom Park Ticket (1 Hour/No Trade) will be given. Additionally, they will not expire at the end of day, and therefore can be accumulated through the duration of the event.


Visit the Patriotic Acong near the entrance of Rome to exchange your Event Coupons for all sorts of prizes like a Tank, a BBQ set, and a Rocket Launcher!

Item Name Freedom Flyers
Assault Tank *New Cube
Tank (No Trade) *New 300
Rocket Launcher II Cube
Rocket Launcher (No Trade) 300
EXP Concentration License (1 hour/Merc. Only/No Trade) 50
Tank (7 days)(No Trade) 50
Patriot's Pistol (North America/Event)(No Trade) 200
[Event] Book: Battlefield Courage [Common](No Trade) 3
[Event] Book: Camaraderie [Common](No Trade) 3
[Event] Book: Patriotic Resolve [Common](No Trade) 3
Stars and Stripes 30
The Statue of Liberty 30
Uncle Sam Advertising Balloon 30
BBQ Grill (Event)(No Trade) 10
Ancient Book of Intelligence (Event)(No Trade) 10
Ancient Book of Knowledge (Event)(No Trade) 5
Ancient Skill Book (Event)(No Trade) 1
Water of Life (No Trade) 2
Ambrosia (No Trade) 1

Tank & Assault Tank

Tank Stats
  • Attack Power: 640 – 740
  • Defense: 12,600
  • Strength: +420
  • Dexterity: +420
  • Vitality: +420
  • Critical: 10
  • Magic: [Tank Force Shield lv. 1]
  • Movement Speed: +20%
Assault Tank Stats
  • Attack Power: 720 - 820
  • Defense: 13,200
  • Strength: +460
  • Dexterity: +460
  • Vitality: +520
  • Critical: 15
  • Magic: Tank Force Shield Lv. 15
  • Movement Speed: +25%

Rocket Launcher

  • Rocket Launcher
  • Attack Power: 1,650 - 1,750
  • Defense: 500
  • Vitality: +340
  • Magic: [Lightning Prison lv.1]
  • Rocket Launcher II
  • Attack Power: 1,750 - 1,850
  • Defense: 500
  • Vitality: +370
  • Magic: [Lightning Prison lv.15]


Daily Quests

Tough foes have emerged to threaten the peace-loving citizens of Atlantica, and Luna has ordered four new Daily Quests to take care of them! Talk to Luna in Freedom Pack to sign up for the following Daily Quests:

Quest Title Objective
Villains of the Park Defeat Punk Leader / Crazy Outcast
Scary Saw Man Defeat the Scary Power Saw Mister
Scary Saw Lady Defeat the Scary Power Saw Lady
The Ultimate Jerk Defeat the Madman who is dominating the park

July Weekend Bonus Buffs

You’ll be tougher than ever during weekends in July. Hop online for some Saturday and Sunday bonus buffs!

Date Buff
7/7 Bonus Exp 100%
7/13 - 7/14 Crafting Workload 100%
7/20 - 7/21 Crafting Exp 100%
7/27 - 7/28 Bonus Crafting Exp + Bonus Workload Exp 100% 


Set up your grill and get some BBQ cooking in the spirit of Independence Day! Try adding Atlas Ore to your recipe for some interesting results:

Note: This item can be obtained by visiting the Patriotic Acong in Rome for 10 Freedom flyers.

  • Large Oak Barrel
  • Small Oak Barrel
  • Restroom Set Box
  • Black Pegasus Equipment Box
  • Rank A Mercenary Magic Book Gift Box
  • [Common] Nouvelle Cuisine Feast
  • Hamburger *New
  • Hot Dog *New


  • Exp: 20%
  • Attack: 10%
  • Defense: 10%
  • Duration: 30 mins.

Hot Dog

  • Exp: 10%
  • Attack: 8%
  • Duration: 30 mins.
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