Atlantis Reborn Events!

  • Ended
  • Apr. 18 2013
Atlantis is finally here, and because we know many of you will start new characters, we're running two different level up events! Don't want to start a new character? No problem! Everyone gets a FREE chance to claim their destiny with a Class Change Coupon! These events will end on May 9th, 2013.

Class Change Coupon!

Upon first login, every character will receive 1 Class Change Coupon (No Trade) for free! This new item allows you to change your main class type, appearance, and lets you decide if you want to become an Atlantian, or Descendant of Atlantis!

Level Up Event - Milestones

Complete these level milestones, and you could get blessing license, crystals, water of life, weapon boxes, and much needed mercenaries!

Level Achieved Reward
10 Blessing License (7 Days/No Trade)
20 100 Ashen Crystals Bonus: Artilleryman Summon Orb [Lv. 20](No Trade)
30 Extra Inventory License [No Trade/30 Days]
40 100 Phoenix Crystals Bonus:Prophet Summon Orb [Lv. 40] (No Trade)
50 Merc. Room License(30 Days/No Trade)
60 100 Redemption Crystals Bonus: Witch Summon Orb [Lv. 60] (No Trade)
70 20 Water of Life (No Trade)
80 100 Dragon Crystals Bonus: Janissary Summon Orb [Lv. 80] (No Trade)
90 20 Water of Life (No Trade)
100 5 Freezing Weapon Box +7 (7 Days/No Trade) Bonus: Elementalist Summon Orb [Lv. 100] (No Trade)
110 5 Phoenix's Weapon Box +7 (7 Days/No Trade)
120 5 Dragon God's Weapon Box +7 (7 Days/No Trade) Bonus: Mercenary Box [Lv.120]: Your choice of Warlord, Valkyrie, or Puppeteer. (No Trade)
130 5 Evil Weapon Box +7 (7 Days/No Trade)

Level Up Event - Mercenary Leveling Madness!

Your mercenaries are hard at work too! Why not reward them for helping you in your travels? Every time you level up you will receive 1 Mercenary Level Up Ticket, the type various depending on your level.

Level Range Item
11 - 30 Mercenary Level Up Ticket (No Trade) [Lv. 30 Restriction]
31 - 60 Mercenary Level Up Ticket (No Trade) [Lv. 60 Restriction]
61 - 100 Mercenary Level Up Ticket (No Trade) [Lv. 100 Restriction]
101 - 120 Mercenary Level Up Ticket (No Trade) [Lv. 120 Restriction]
121 - 140 Mercenary Level Up Ticket (No Trade) [Lv. 140 Restriction]
141 - 150 Mercenary Level Up Ticket (No Trade) [Lv. 150 Restriction]
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