Spelltower Siege - Coming September 7th!

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  • Aug. 22 2011

Spelltower Teaser

The fall of Atlantis affected the entire world; however, Africa thrived for over 1,500 years past the demise of Atlantis. The people of Africa proved to be one of the most advanced places in the world with their culture harnessing the fearsome power of nature.

The ancestors of the decedents of Atlantis must have known the potential of Africa, as they set up Spelltowers here that still exist. Be that as it may, these powerful spelltowers have lain dormant since the collapse of Atlantis…until now.

The battle for power beings! Decedents of Atlantis from all six worlds are claiming to be the heirs of the force granted by these Spelltowers. Massive 100 vs. 100 battles will pit Atlantians from different worlds against each other to prove who the mightiest are and who will perish in the struggle for greatness.

Defend Alishan and Save the Shaman!

The myserious land of Alishan has been hidden by a grand forest for many years near Taipei, and has been protected by the wise shaman, Lin Moniang. Alishan survives because of a large sacred tree at the top of the village, which is nourished by the spirit of Alishan and the beings who dwell within the sacred tree and around it. The appeal of this village does not come from its serenity however, but of its most precious resource – Alishan Gold Powder. The manifistation of Alishan and the sacred tree's divine energy is said to come from this rare gold powder. Recently however, this secluded village has been discovered by the evil witch Po Tian Niangniang and her cohorts, Lady Tiger, and her son, Golden Tiger who have disturbed the balance of Alishan.

The Shaman of Alishan, Lin Moniang, has been overthrown and her Shaman status has been stolen from her. In order to bring peace back to Alishan, Shaman Moniang asks you to complete a series of tasks in order to help restore her and her village to their former glory.

Bring peace to the innocent villagers of Alishan in this TBS style dungeon, but beware! Because both Golden Tiger and his mother, Lady Tiger, have consumed some of the sacred Alishan Golden Powder which has made them strong.

Come face to face with Golden Tiger's mother, Lady Tiger, who has taken over the sacred tree of Alishan since feeding on the mysterious golden powder. Retrieve the Golden Statue of Alishan from Lady Tiger and end her reign of terror!

Will defeating Golden Tiger and Lady Tiger help restore Lin as a Shaman? Or does something more sinister lurk around the corner, waiting for your back to be turned? The story of the land of Alishan and its fallen shaman, Lin, await you.

New 3 Kingdoms TBS Mission Teaser

The battles in Eastern Wu camp continue on land and on sea. Do you have what it takes to conquer your enemies alongside the great general Guan-Yu? Return to the Eastern Wu Camp to be briefed on the latest missions surrounding the 3 Kingdoms quest lines!

Cao Cao is pursuing Lui Bui's forces who have found refuge in Eastern Wu Camp. Infuriated by what he thinks is cowardice, Cao Cao prepares a massive Naval Army of 100,000 units! Sun Quan of Eastern Wu Camp foolishly declares that his naval army is far superior to the inexperienced Cao Cao. However, Sun Quan's forces are quickly overpowered by the sheer amount of naval units in Cao Cao's ranks. Can you help defend Eastern Wu Camp and defeat Cao Cao's seemingly impervious naval army?

It's time to aggressively attack Cao Cao and his army! What better way to demoralize their numbers by attacking their precious supply depots? However, this mission will not be that simple. The supplies are hidden deep within Cao Cao's encampment which is heavily guarded. Help end the deadlock between Cao Cao and Sun Quan and give Eastern Wu Camp the offensive edge!

Armies who have their supplies depleted can become vulnerable to diseases and infections. Rumor spreads quickly through Eastern Wu Camp that Cao Cao's men may be susceptible to a horrible outbreak. It's up to you to investigate and see if Cao Cao's army is weakened. Beware of plagued soldiers who surround the area, or it may be you who falls ill in battle.

The very strategic Huang Gai has devised a very sneaky plan to trap Cao Cao and his navy! Huan Gai's goal is to catch his enemy off guard by proposing a False Surrender! Are you quick witted enough to convince Cao Cao's army that you have given up? Are you cunning enough to ambush this massive naval army?

Hercules Dungeon Teaser

Hercules, the mighty Greek demigod who is son of Zeus and mortal woman Alcmene, realized that in order to get into the good graces of his father, he must atone for his sins. Seeking absolution, Hercules spoke to King Eurystheys, who in turn sent Hercules to accomplish twelve labors. Now, Hercules feels that the atonement for his sins was in vein, as the monsters he has slain have mysteriously begun to reappear.

This dungeon can be found in Hissarlik Hill, and boasts a Normal Turn-based battle style! Traverse through Neman Basin, fighting off evil Lion men and skilled archers. But beware of what evil lurks here – Keys to certain areas were meant to keep you out, not to let you in…

Follow Hercules' instructions and help him complete his atonement. This will lead you through a frigid mountain pass guarded by corrupt beasts, and an even more fearsome creature awaits you behind the mountain path….

Furniture Store!

The furniture store is now open for business! Georgio in Rome's bazaar is welcoming all new prospective patrons into his new establishment. Try it before you buy it!

What is a store if you can't make purchases in it? Simple one-click purchases of furniture to get what you want, when you want it! See what top designers are selling, or take advantage of new MyHome items being sold in the market at a fixed price!

Always wanted to decorate your home beyond cardboard boxes and grey drab walls? Get a firsthand look at the array of MyHome decorations available along with all the colorful, eclectic, and silly wallpapers to cover your home in! Find classy or creative flooring to go with it!

Georgio has something for everyone… and we mean EVERYONE! Do you have everything you need for your home already? Georgio still wants you to come on down to his store! At 10:00 AM every day Georgio will award a percentage of your total experience instantly! Is Georgio crazy? Well, maybe a little – but he wants everyone to pay him a visit!

Warlord Teaser!

From the mystical lands of Thailand comes one of the most anticipated mercenaries of 2011, and on October 12th, players will be able to get their hands on the Warlord, Khun Phaen!

Khun Phaen entered monkhood at a young age where he developed a love for Military skills and Lightning Magic, enabling this fearsome mercenary the ability to wield a sword and guardian stones. Khun Phaen once defeated a king's entire army and also effectively taking down two high ranking officers. His military prowess rivals his magic abilities in strength, creating a warlord who is built to deal damage.

Khun Phaen's striking Lightning magic emanates from a thunder orb that is always by his side, allowing him to masterfully execute skills like, Thunderbolt Slash, Rally and General's bane.

Thunderbolt Slash permeates the warlord's sword with the elemental power of Lightning, dealing heavy damage to his opponents. Rally is a thunderous call by the warlord, increasing all of the formation's stats and restoring MP on each turn. General's Bane intimidates an enemy or boss, disabling their magic attacks for a turn.

Recruit the warlord into your army, and devastate your enemies! There is no doubt in Khun Phaen's mind that all those who cross you will wish for a merciful death…

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