The same power that Atlantians used to create the most advanced technology in human history would also lead Atlantis into an age of greed and despair. Fifteen hundred years have passed since Atlantis was destroyed, and Atlantians are now learning that even a great civilization must pay for its sins.

Garden of Life's Song

Only the brave dare enter Garden of Life’s Song, an ethereal Raid Dungeon in West Atlantis overgrown by mysterious flora and saturated with powerful energy. The dungeon is thought to be the hiding place of a foe you recently met in battle. Overcome the obstacles and defeat your enemy once and for all to claim the legendary Sword of Life’s Song, which is rumored to increase its owner’s vitality.

Judgement Equipment

Power-hungry Atlantians made some grievous mistakes in the past, and someone’s got to dish out the justice! The Judgment equipment set is a level 155 set featuring an elegant, green and gold design inspired by the greatest smiths and tailors in Atlantis. Outfit yourself with this gear to make sure your enemies see retribution coming a mile away.

Mount Huaguo Temple

Built in loving memory of a daughter who passed away before her time, Mount Huaguo was meant to be a place of peace and tranquility. But demons from the afterlife had other ideas for the sacred grounds. They discovered the girl’s tormented soul in the afterlife and harnessed its power to bridge the gap between reality and death. Defeat the demons to destroy the bridge and bring peace to the troubled girl’s spirit once again.

Alcatraz Basement

A riot has broken out in the basement of Alcatraz, and Sergeant Lowe needs strong mercenaries to contain the violence and quell the rioters. Complete daily quests and trade prison keys to take on the boss behind it all. Alcatraz Basement is the highest-level field in the game, giving level 157 players a chance to exercise their new powers and reach level 160.