Before its destruction, Atlantis blossomed into the most advanced civilization Earth had ever seen with the help of a vast energy source called Oriharukon. Under the control of Eve, a highly intelligent computer system, the Atlantians surpassed all other civilizations and invented revolutionary technology that cemented them as the new world power.

But as they stretched the energy farther and farther, the very fabric of space and time tore, wiping Atlantis from the face of the planet and leaving behind only frail memories and mysterious relics.

After 1,500 years, the city mysteriously returned. Ancient relics reawakened and Oriharukon flowed once more, driving creatures mad and sending the world into an age of chaos.

Now, with Riederan dangerously close to harnessing the power of Oriharukon, Eve hastily constructs the city of Antillia and awakens an ancient Atlantian to defend Atlantis. It's up to this Atlantian to gather a team of mercenaries strong enough to stop Riederan before he discovers Atlantis' most treacherous secrets!

Antillia is a major Atlantian city controlled by a supercomputer named Eve. It serves as Atlantis’s hub, and players will be able to travel between Antillia and Rome at level 60.
Once the areas outside of Atlantis became saturated with Oriharukon, they were left to the wilderness. Players will have to venture into untamed territory and fight creatures that thrive in the toxic environment to recover the new mercenary, Gigas. Several outposts are scattered around the outskirts.

Battle Mage

This Atlantian was still a baby when Atlantis fell, but that doesn't make her any less protective of her home. She rains magic upon her enemies with deadly proficiency.

Weapon Staff


Electron Field: Generates a field of electricity that continuously shocks the enemy.
Impulse: Infuses an ally with energy, increasing attack power, multi-hit rate, and magic skill level.
Righteous Bolt: Blasts an enemy with a powerful bolt of electricity that causes continuous damage and cancels magic defense. When the enemy dies, the bolt explodes, dealing area damage.

Blade master

This hulking tower of muscle is no stranger to battle. While Atlantis prospered, he had plenty of time to hone his skills. One sword isn't enough for the Blademaster, so he brandishes a blade in each hand.

Weapon Dual Swords


Direct Current: Gathers electrical energy with a chance to cause extra damage to nearby enemies.
Static Shield: Damages enemies who attack the shield.
Thunder Soul: Stores thunder in the the Blademaster's blades and unleashes it in a powerful blow to an enemy.

Gigas was created to replace Atlantians in battle. Wielding giant cannons and powerful magic, this mechanical life form was designed with 1 main skill and 2 secondary skills for advanced tactics. Gigas knows only one goal: destroy all enemies.

Weapon Cannon (artillery)


Healing Pulse: Converts energy to health and heals allies in a radius.
Arms of Atlantis: Unleashes destructive energy to deal severe damage to enemies in a radius.
Oriharukon Core: Activates the ancient Atlantian power source to increase base stats dramatically.

Introducing the Craft *Exclusive* Dark Pegasus Equipment.

This gear is for distinguished players who have reached level 150. Players will be able to obtain the necessary crafting materials from entering Tartarus Laboratory Field and defeating the powerful monsters within.

Before Atlantis was seemingly destroyed, the city experienced a cultural rift. The western region of the city controlled the flow of Oriharukon, vastly outpacing the surrounding areas in terms of technology and infrastructure. It wasn't long before the outskirts of Atlantis were left behind.

When Riederan found Atlantis, he dispersed Oriharukon extractors all over the city, awakening the ancient technology and breathing life back into the entire area. Terrifying creatures now roam the outskirts of the ancient city, but those brave enough to enter will find technology that they can use to complete the new mercenary, Gigas.