West Atlantis was the technological heart of Atlantis before a devastating Oriharukon explosion eradicated it without a trace. Now, centaurs have migrated into the ruined city to make a stand against Riederan’s followers. Help the centaurs as you delve further into Atlantis’s mysteries and reunite with an old friend on this new continent!

Level 160
The level cap has been raised! Ascend to level 160 to reach new heights and tackle new challenges.

Centaur Hero – New Raid
Enter Centaur Hero in search of a new mercenary! Centaur Hero is a new level 155 Raid Dungeon full of powerful enemies sure to test your newfound strength and talents.

Chironia has been teaching mercenaries the nuances of archery for years, but it’s time for her to use her skills on the battlefield! A magical creature forged by Atlantians, Chironia wields a bow with unnatural speed and precision. Brave the new Centaur Hero raid dungeon and you might be lucky enough to recruit her into your ranks!

Weapon Bow


    • Basic attacks have a chance to deal high fire damage.
    • Increases Defense, Action Power, and Speed when Chironia is hit by a physical attack.
    • Arrows of ice rain down on the entire enemy formation, reducing Magic Defense.

Venture forth into this new dungeon that teeters on the precipice between life and death. There’s something locked deep below the temple and you’ll have to find it and stop it before it consumes the entire area. Complete quests and battle new foes to stop the spread of corruption and claim a new ring for your main character!

Level 160 brings a host of new talents to make your character stronger, faster, and more lethal!

  • Sword Class / Blade Master

    • Increases damage of Chaos Edge and Static Shield. Also, flame resistance is increased.
    • Allies who take damage from basic attacks that also hit you lose less HP.
    • Increases Strength.
  • Staff Class / Battle Mage

    • Increases Intelligence.
    • Decreases hostile magic effects and increases beneficial magic effects.
      • The chance of passive magic triggering when attacking or being attacked is increased and its effects are increased.
  • Spear Class

    • Critical hits deal additional damage.
    • Deals damage and increases lightning resistance when hit with a magic attack.
    • Increases Strength.
  • Axe Class

    • Increases ice resistance and adds additional ice damage to Physical attacks.
      • Increases the minimum Health needed to trigger Warrior's Rage. When activated, Warrior's Rage recovers Health per turn.
      • Physical attacks have a chance to remove the target’s Defense buffs and break Guard stance.
  • Bow Class

    • Increases the effects of any Attack Power buffs you receive.
    • Gives you a chance to evade ranged attacks.
    • Physical attacks fire freezing arrows and reduce the target's Defense and Magic Defense.
  • Gun Class

      • Critical hits will ignore the target's Defense and deal additional damage in proportion to the bullet's base damage.
    • Decreases damage taken every time your combo hit count increases.
    • Increases critical chance for each Combo Count on the enemy.
  • Cannon Class

    • Basic attacks deal extra damage to the primary target.
    • Effects that weaken your Accuracy, Multi-Hit Rate, or Critical are reduced.
      • Basic attacks deal additional damage against buildings. Grants a chance to cast Smoke Bomb when using a basic attack to decrease the target's Accuracy.
  • Instrument Class

    • Basic attacks absorb MP in proportion to your Max MP and deal extra damage.
    • Adds resistance to Silence and Seal-type magic.
      • Increases Ravaging Melody's damage and restores player Health equal to damage taken by Ravaging Melody.
  • Power Saw Class

      • Increases Chainsaw Blade's damage and gives you another chance to take action when Chainsaw Blade kills an enemy.
    • Grants a chance to prevent the Combo Count from increasing when attacked.
    • Boosts Multi-Hit Rate for each Combo Count your target has.