Free League Ranking

Rank Server Player
1 Argos Nibelung
2 Macedon Vicariana
3 Thebes novadreamer
4 Alexandria T0TH
5 Thebes Sharingan
6 Macedon RebornVN9999
7 Alexandria Obiwanoobie
8 Alexandria Habu
9 Alexandria Tagan
10 Argos ArchAugust

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Arena of Atlantis: Patch Notes

  • Apr. 15 2015
  • Announce

Learn everything you need to know about Arena of Atlantis in the Patch Notes! Read More

Unleash the Skull Dragon's Hoard

  • Apr. 16 2015
  • Announce

Power beyond your imagination is within your reach, at the tip of your fingers is the strength of the mighty Skull Dragons! Unleash the Skull Dragon's Hoard, and for a limited time, the Skull Dragon Card has also returned! Read More

There is an issue currently affecting the latest version of Google Chrome which is preventing Web Launch from performing as intended. Please follow the details in this post in order to Launch via Google Chrome. Read More

Arena of Atlantis: Player Guide

  • Apr. 13 2015
  • Announce

Atlantica Online's newest PvP mode, Arena of Atlantis, will soon be available. We've put together a video guide to give you a quick look into what's in store! Read More

Atlantica Online is known for its epic battles, testing the might and prowess of warriors far and wide. Arena of Atlantis takes everything you know about PvP into a legendary battle where levels and gear are no longer a barrier! Read More

Arena of Atlantis is an exciting new form of balanced PvP, and we're celebrating with an opening ceremony! Enjoy EXP boosting events and awesome rewards for simply participating. Fight in the arena to take your place among the most elite warriors Atlantis has to offer! Read More

Introducing the Skull Dragon!

  • Mar. 26 2015
  • Announce

[Complete]Scheduled Maintenance 4/16

  • Apr. 15 2015
  • Announce

We will be performing a scheduled maintenance on Thursday, April 16th 2015, starting at 6:30 A.M. Maintenance is expected to last approximately 6 hours. Read More