Free League Ranking

Rank Server Player
1 Argos Nibelung
2 Macedon Vicariana
3 Thebes novadreamer
4 Alexandria T0TH
5 Thebes Sharingan
6 Macedon RebornVN9999
7 Sikyon Nimit
8 Alexandria Obiwanoobie
9 Alexandria Habu
10 Argos ArchAugust

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At this time, we recommend against installing Windows 10 as there may be unforeseen issues which could prevent you from playing Atlantica Online. We have already begun extensive compatibility testing and are working diligently with our development team to introduce an update for the game that works with Windows 10. We will provide updates as they come along, and thank you for your understanding. Read More

Special Event: Weekend Buff Bonus!

  • Jul. 24 2015
  • Announce

The weekend is here, and what better way to celebrate than with amazing buffs! Enjoy boosted experience, workload, crafting experience, attack power, and party experience! Log in and get strong for the summer! Read More

Not long ago, AtlantiCAT pawed her way into the hearts of Atlantians everywhere. Now you too can become your own version of AtlantiCAT with the Cat Garment Random Box! Read More

Gigas Random Box!

  • Jul. 16 2015
  • Announce

Gigas is an impressive automaton created by Atlantians. Not only is Gigas deadly on the battlefield, but his powerful oriharukon core allows him to also be used for travel. Utilize this mighty Atlantian creation and overthrow your enemies! Read More

Olympus Tower is unveiling 5 new floors of mayhem, and the Descendents of Atlantis have dug deep into their souls to unleash new and stronger powers to help them face the new challenges that await! Read More

Summer for Atlantica Online is finally here! This year we're celebrating with Freedom Park and Fireworks. Sharpen your weapons and prepare for a historic battle with Benedict Arnold! Read More

Divine Jupiter Weapons!

  • Jul. 02 2015
  • Announce

Jupiter has smiled upon your heroic deeds, Champion. You have proven yourself by defeating the monsters dwelling within the Olympus Tower. For a limited time you will be able to harness and unleash the divine power of Jupiter's Rife, Jupiter's Sword, Jupiter's Whip, and Jupiter's Power Saw! Read More

Olympus Tower Part 1: Patch Notes!

  • Jun. 24 2015
  • Announce

Are you ready for more dungeons? Test your might in Olympus Tower! 8 floors of hard-hitting monsters, with more to come in the future! Read More

Unleash the Legendary Phoenix!

  • Jun. 25 2015
  • Announce

Blessed Warrior Sale!

  • Jun. 19 2015
  • Announce

There are no adventurers more favored by the gods than you! This weekend take advantage of this fortune with the Blessed Warrior Sale! Returning back to these earthly lands are the Platinum Package and the ever-so-popular Ultimate Collector's Chest. What are you waiting for? Claim your divine status with the Blessed Warrior Sale! Read More